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Reachtuck operator



T&S Group is an employment agency with multiple years of experience (the group possesses the KRAZ 3745 certificate).
Job description:
Reachtruck type fork-lift operator in an electronic equipment warehouse,
work with a scanner, transport of shipments/orders with the fork-lift in between the departments
collecting orders and other warehouse works
possible work at packaging of electronic equipment, scanning of products,
Reachtruck type fork-lift operator certificate (please include scans of certificates during registration),
experience as a Reachtruck type fork-lift operator (min. 2 years),
good proficiency in the English language,
lack of entries in the National Criminal Register (certificate of no criminal record),
B category driving license is welcome,
We offer:
work in a prestigious company with the opportunity of occupational development
opportunity of long-term cooperation
good remuneration with possible raise
work in a nice and friendly environment
guardianship of Polish residents.
Additional information:
The first applications to be reviewed during the recruitment process are the ones sent via the form at the www.tnsgroup.pl (http://tnsgroup.es-candidate.com/pl/jobs/description/0/224686/0) and fulfilling the required criteria. The CV must include the scan of a fork-lift operator certificate and the certificate of no criminal record.

Informacje o og這szeniodawcy:

Og這szenie dodane przez: TnS Group - statystyki og這sze
Telefon: 77 456 16 06
E-Mail: Kontakt z og這szeniodawc

W przypadku kontaktu ze sprzedającym, prosimy o powołanie się na serwis www.wozkiwidlowe.com.pl. Dzi瘯ujemy.

Szczeg馧y og這szenia

Numer og這szenia : 11055
Data dodania/aktualizacji: 2016.09.06

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